Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Things We Have Learned From Chris Muir

Okay, I have been absent for a while. Let us just say, as Deux informed me last week, that the bloom may be off the blogging rose a bit. But, I shall strive to do better.

Over at Hazegrayetc., Deux has reintroduced his link the Chris Muir's sometimes funny, often infuriating neo-con comique, Day by Day.

This is an interesting,mildly amusing cartoon, which teaches us lots of things about neo-cons that we never knew before! I will begin my list, feel free to add on in the comments:

1. All neo-con men are hot, goateed, multi-racial, earring wearing, trendy coffee drinking metrosexuals.

2. All girlfriends of said neo-con men are gifted with the voluptuous figure of Lara Croft, the wry wit of Amy Sedaris, the marksmanship of Annie Oakley, and the annoying liberal views of Nancy Pelosi which constantly befuddle and irritate the said hot, goateed, mulit-racial, earing wearing, trendy coffee drinking metrosexual neo-con men, but they love them anyway.

3. Bush Administration good, Democrats bad.

4. Burqa wearing women maybe not such a bad idea, but voluptuous figure of Lara Croft liberal girlfriend in military uniforms of any kind an even better idea.

Okay, everybody! Add to the list! Be creative!


Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I am not very creative today, but I am glad you are back. It is nice to know that you were just taking a break and not having problems that would lead to a new protocol.

Citizen Deux said...

1) Please define neo con.

2) Please detail, in similar fashion Doonesbury, Bloom County (original version) or other similar left leaning strip

3) Image preference aside, why does Sullivan persist in using the bizarre cartoon to represent him? He looks like Norm from home improvement.

ver word - vbwlkocq

sonicfrog said...

I've learned nothing!!!