Saturday, March 17, 2007

When In ROME

During the long dark teatime of my soul that has been the past three weeks (don't worry, everything resolved, no details, but I still feel a bit battered by the whole experience), I returned many times to one of my favorite movies to cheer me up: the brilliant British comedy Bedrooms and Hallways. This charming film stars two of the most handsome actors every to grace the silver screen: Kevin McKidd and James Purefoy. If you have not seen this film, run do not walk to your closest video store and rent it. It will cure all emotional turmoil, and requires repeated viewings (a tad obsessive compulsive, I know, but....)

Well, just let a few years go by, and both are now stars of the HBO series ROME. I had no idea, until one tragically lonely night I did an IMDB search on both of them. So, I have started watching the second season On Demand, and am ordering the DVD of the first. What a difference a few years and some physical training make:

Pity they don't get to snog in this one, though.

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Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I will rent that movie. I have been traveling and need a little comic relief. Went to see Mark Russell at the Ford Theatre, (that was comic relief) then went to the Piney Woods of East Texas to see family and friends. Yesterday I went to SXSW to march in the Million Musician Peace March. Today, it is time for a little yard work and earth digging. This week will be time for a British comedy with gorgeous men and a little Sauvignon Blanc.