Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blast From The Past, # 1-A Tribute To Our Namesake

(First published June, 2006, on a blog long ago and far away....Sadly, the original video for the first part of the post no longer exists. Here is a more than suitable substitute.And yes, I am a Geek.)

My God! I just realized what the right is so afraid of with this gay marriage thing. Gay Marriage is what ultimatly produces.....Capt. Jack Harkness.

Yes, THIS is what gay marriage will lead to-overly confident, free-thinking, wittier than Oscar Wilde Bisexuals. They are afraid of the pansexual hotness of our beloved Capt. Jack...I mean, really, who wouldn't dump traditional marriage, children, and a lifetime of one man/one woman for this martini drinking, butt gun hiding, RAF uniform fillin' out hot hunk of man love?

And thanks to the glory that is YOUTUBE, I can share with you EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

And just to prove that you can't get enough of Capt. Jack, here is another fan vid that captures all of the sexual tension between Jack, The Doc, and Rose. Just to piss of the Religious Right. God, I can't friggin' wait for TORCHWOOD.

BTW, Sonic. This is just for you. And me, of course. I ain't stupid.

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